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Hallandale Veterinary Center: Spay & Neuter FAQ

Here at Neighborhood Veterinary Center in Hallandale Beach, FL, our veterinarian understands that some pet owners have questions and concerns about the spay and neuter surgery. To ease your mind, we have complied some of the top questions and answers about spaying and neutering, it’s safety, and importance.


Q: Why is spaying and neutering so important?

A: These surgeries are the only way to prevent unwanted pregnancies that continue to lead to pet overpopulation and crowded animal rescues. Sterilized pets tend to live longer and healthier lives post-surgery.

Q: When age is best to Spay or Neuter Pets?

A: Our Hallandale Beach, FL, veterinarian recommends performing these procedures around 8 weeks of age, but it’s never too late for older pets as long as they are healthy. The earlier the better, as animals can begin going into heat at around 4 months old.

Q: Are spay & neuter surgeries painful?

A: Pets are given a full examination and blood work prior to these minor surgeries, and they are placed under monitored anesthesia and given medication to control pain. Most pets resume normal activities the same day after neutering, while females may take a few days to fully recover.

Q: What are the top benefits of spaying cats and dogs?

A: Spaying provides a number of valuable benefits including:

  • Spaying prevents pregnancy permanently.
  • Prevents pets from going into heat, which can happen up to twice annually in dogs and much more frequently in cats.
  • Health benefits include the near wholly elimination of developing breast cancer along with reproductive cancers and uterine infections.
  • Spaying tends to stop females in heat from yowling, chittering, nervous pacing, and spraying in order to attract mates.
  • It’s much easier to spay pets than deal with the time and expense of rehoming unwanted litters.

Q: What are the top benefits of neutering pets?

A: Neutering offers several benefits for pets including:

  • Neutering eliminates males attempting to breed, as it stops the mating drive.
  • Less mating drive means males tend to wander away less in search of females, which reduces their chance of injuries, fights, and contracting diseases and getting lost while prowling.
  • Sterilization of males typically causes animals to be less aggressive to people and other pets overall, making them better companions overall.
  • Health benefits of neutering include eliminating the chances of developing prostate or testicular cancer.

Q: Should I allow my female to have one litter before spaying her?

A: There is no science supporting any benefits of allowing females to birth one litter prior to spaying. In fact, doing so before their first heat session is ideal, as younger pets require less anesthesia and experience less trauma and bleeding than older pets.

Q: Where can I find low cost spay and neuter services?

A: Just ask our veterinarian or a team member about specials we may run or for recommendations for local spay & neuter services around Hallandale Beach.

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