Pet Wellness Exams

At Neighborhood Veterinary Center in Hallandale Beach, FL, we know that your pet’s wellness is a priority. Longevity and health rely on regular check-ups with your veterinarian.


What Is a Pet Wellness Exam?

Pet wellness exams consist of more than just a glance at your pet. Diagnostic tests such as blood work, urinalysis, and checking stool samples find not only current health issues, but also detect the early stages of serious diseases.

Vaccinations are another must-have for your furry friend. During a wellness exam, vet care specialists will follow a vaccination schedule to keep your pet safe and healthy.

What to Expect From a Wellness Exam

Wellness exams vary depending on the age, health, and species of your pet. Vets ask an array of questions to create a checklist, while also taking a complete medical history of the pet. Prepare any questions you may have about your pet and its health, such as questions about sudden weight loss or gain.

Wellness exams begin with observations and inspections. A veterinarian will also take vitals before more in-depth diagnostics are performed. The following observations will be made during the exam:

  • how a pet walks and stands
  • pet weight, body, and muscle mass
  • hair coat for dryness, oiliness, dandruff, excessive shedding, and other unusual hair loss
  • eye discharge, abnormal bumps, eyelids, cloudiness, redness, and other abnormalities
  • ear discharge, hair loss, thickening, and signs for other issues
  • nose discharge, breathing obstructions, breathing problems, and other abnormalities
  • mouth and teeth for tartar build-up, symptoms for gum disease, broken teeth, stained lips, and ulcers
  • lymph nodes around the head, neck, and hind legs for signs of swelling or tenderness
  • legs for lameness, muscle issues, nerve problems, and for abnormalities with the paws and toenails
  • abdomen around the bladder, kidney, liver, intestines, spleen, and stomach for any warning signs
  • listening for heart murmurs and irregular heart rate and rhythms
  • listening to the lung for increased or decreased breathing sounds
  • recording the pet’s pulse

Extra Care

Your vet care specialist will order tests if we find anything wrong during the check-up. Other tests may include testing the pet’s feces for parasites, and blood tests for organ functions. It is recommended that pets have a wellness exam once per year. Elderly pets may need to visit their veterinarian twice per year.

Pet Wellness Exams in Hallandale Beach, FL

At Neighborhood Veterinary Center we provide pet wellness exams and so much more! Call us today at (954) 505-3757 to set up a wellness plan that suits you and your pet’s needs.

New clients receive $15 off first office exam.

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  • "Wow! Thanks to all the staff at Anderson Vet Clinic. I feel like you all truly love what you do! My kitty, Lola and I always have such a pleasant experience when we come in. Fortunately, it’s usually just for a check-up, but I would not leave Lola in anyone else’s hands but yours. Thank you for your caring commitment!"
    Maya Smith / Los Angeles, CA
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    Tara Brown / Kansas City, MO

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