Vaccinations To Keep Your Pet Happy and Healthy

Vaccinations are an important milestone in the lives of dogs and cats. Initial core vaccines, follow-up appointments, and booster shots, a veterinarian can provide advice on the best practices for your pet. In Hallandale Beach, FL, pet lovers can find all the services they need at the Neighborhood Veterinary Center.  At our center, pet vaccinations keep animals healthy and owners in compliance with local ordinances. Let us provide you and your pet that car.


Dog Vaccines

For new puppies, a variety of core vaccines are recommended to help prevent potentially fatal diseases. Core vaccinations are for parvovirus or parvo, distemper, adenovirus, and rabies. With a puppy, these vaccinations should start at four months or younger.

A best practice is to start at two months with shots monthly until a final booster is given at four months or beyond. Boosters also need to be administered regularly. The first booster is recommended at approximately one year of age or one year after the last round of vaccinations. As the dog ages, boosters every few years is typically sufficient. However, always seek the opinion of your specific veterinarian, like at Neighborhood Veterinary Center.

When you adopt a dog without a vaccination history, your vet can run a blood test to test for antibodies that would develop after key vaccinations. If they aren’t present, your dog would move through a full array of vaccinations based on the vet’s recommendation.

Cat vaccinations

Cat vaccinations generally include rabies, feline distemper, calicivirus, and viral rhinotracheitis. The last three shots are often packaged together in one shot to reduce injections. Recommended vaccination schedules for kittens follow the same guidelines as puppies with an initial appointment at two months and subsequent boosters. After adulthood, shots move to a less frequent basis, such as every one to three years.

For an outdoor cat or cats in a busy, cat-friendly household, additional shots may be needed to protect them from the environment. Your vet will discuss additional vaccines, such as Bordetella and leukemia, with you when establishing a care plan.

Local ordinances

Dog and cat vaccinations are as important as human vaccinations and need to be taken seriously. They are an investment in the long-term health of your pet and all pets. Others, such as the rabies vaccination, are also required by law. Some municipalities require vaccines to be administered at specific times or that the rabies shot be administered every three years. While also requiring proof of the vaccination for animal registration.

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To ensure your pet is as protected as possible from pet-related diseases, visit Neighborhood Veterinary Center serving the Hallandale Beach, FL community. Our vets and trained staff are ready to help you develop a vaccination schedule and care plan for all of your pet companions. Call (954) 505-3757 to book an appointment today!

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